We can help you by completing the HMRC form IHT400 and by applying for a grant of probate (if a Will has been left) or a grant of letters of administration if a Will has not been left (intestate).

Once we receive the grant we will forward this on to you and you will be able to distribute the estate yourself.

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We will: –

  • Phil or Kate Barry will take full responsibility for all work undertaken on your behalf.
  • Complete the probate application form and form IHT400
  • Prepare the probate forms for you to sign
  • Complete the Legal Statement
  • Apply to Probate Registry for the grant
  • Receive the Grant of Probate and send to you

Disbursements** (additional costs) are not included in our fixed fee pricing and would be payable by yourselves added to the fees above.

You will:-

  • be responsible for the collection of any assets,
  • the payment of any remaining liabilities,
  • distributing the assets for the estate.